Effectively convert goals into results

Before you choose one of our IT solutions, you already have an idea of the objectives/expectations to be achieved. Taking into account the optimal service of involved stakeholders. Some goals are realized immediately upon going live, other goals unfortunately require more time.

Organizational goals can be diverse and extensive in nature, but in general they can be reduced to the following principles: 

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing employee satisfaction
  • Increasing productivity
  • Lowering operating expenses

Would you like advice on an IT solution or do you not yet have a solution? Then we will be happy to give you advice. Based on your input, our consultants will demonstrate to you the possibilities of our software packages. They then advise you in making a translation to your organization and business processes. The goal: to get the maximum result from your investment.

Our promise

This is our promise: Guaranteed Efficient. Dekkers IT Solutions & Consultancy indisputably increases productivity within your organization. Do you also want to regain control of your IT strategy? Or do you want to take a new and (even) more efficient path? We are happy to share our knowledge with you. Do you have exploratory questions or would you like to present your challenge directly?

Give one of our experts a call today.

You can reach us at 088 007 93 00 (NL), 036 480 244 (BE) or send an email to info@dekkersit.com

"Knowledge & best practice is our edge and your added value!"

Implementation service

Implementing cloud or software solutions is more than just installation. With our solutions, you touch the entire organization. It is an interplay between organization, process and technology. Therefore, it is essential to properly align these 3 elements. If this does not happen, the result will not be measurable, or less so or it could not even be implemented successfully.For optimal results, we align the software or cloud solution(s), carefully with the organization and processes within your company. 

We do this in close cooperation with your organization's project team. The knowledge of your users is carefully combined with the best practice experience of Dekkers IT. We often implement our solutions according to a fixed structure. We follow a phased roadmap, evaluate the result per phase, report predefined milestones and provide you with complete documentation.

Application quick scan

With every update / upgrade, vendors add new functionalities to (cloud) solutions. Our experience shows that rarely everyone works with these new functionalities. Employees are simply not aware of the new possibilities within the solution. It also turns out that after a while, users adopt a fixed way of working within the solution. In general, this is where the level of efficiency drops. In fact, there are usually much better, faster and more efficient solutions available, but employees obviously need to know them.

The purpose of a Quick Scan is to identify and analyze problems. The end result of a Quick Scan is a report with recommendations. This contains an overview of the activities discussed, the points for improvement and finally the recommendation. The report explains how the points for improvement can be converted into concrete actions.

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