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Discover our IT solutions and achieve your objectives with optimal stakeholder service. As ManageEngine's Benelux technology partner, we understand your expectations.

The diversity of organisational goals can be reduced to the following principles:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of operating expenses

Need IT advice or no solution yet? Our consultants demonstrate the capabilities of our software packages based on your input. They advise you on how to translate them to your organisation and business processes. Get the maximum result from your investment. Contact us now for advice from our Benelux technology partner, ManageEngine.

Our promise

Discover our promise: Guaranteed Efficient. As ManageEngine's Benelux technology partner, Dekkers IT Solutions & Consultancy indisputably increases productivity within your organisation. Do you want to regain control of your IT strategy or take a new, even more efficient path? We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Do you have exploratory questions or would you like to submit your challenge directly? Contact one of our experts today.​

Contact us on 088 007 93 00 (NL), 036 480 244 (BE) or send an e-mail to info@dekkersit.com.

"Knowledge and best practice are our edge and your added value!".

Implementation service

Discover the added value of our status as ManageEgine's Benelux technology partner. Configuring cloud or implementing software solutions goes beyond installation. Our solutions touch the entire organisation and form an interplay between organisation, process and technology. Aligning these 3 elements is essential for a successful and measurable implementation.

For optimal results, we carefully tailor the software or cloud solution(s) to your organisation and business processes. We do this in close cooperation with your project team. The knowledge of your users is carefully combined with our best practice experience. Our implementation usually follows a structured step-by-step plan. We evaluate the result per phase, report predefined milestones and provide you with complete documentation. In this way, we ensure a successful and measurable implementation. Discover now the added value of our cooperation as Benelux technology partner.

Application quick scan

With every update or upgrade, vendors add new functionalities to (cloud) solutions. However, our experience shows that far from everyone is familiar with these new features. Employees are often unaware of the solution's full functionality and get used to a fixed way of working. This leads to reduced efficiency, while there are usually better, faster and more efficient solutions that employees have yet to discover.

A Quick Scan allows us to identify and analyse problems. The result of the Quick Scan is a report with recommendations. This summarises the activities discussed, identifies areas for improvement and ultimately provides an opinion. The report provides concrete action points to realise the areas for improvement.

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