Employees and software always up-to-date

Flexible, scalable solutions drive the growth of your organization. This process involves a range of tasks. IT staff do not always (immediately) have the right knowledge and/or time to perform them. With Managed Services, we take these tasks off your hands. Do your employees have sufficient knowledge, but do they encounter problems? Then they can turn to our support department for first-class assistance.

For recurring tasks that you want to perform yourself, our training program is best suited. In all facets, we translate our twenty years of knowledge and best practices into your added value.

Periodic support

Due in part to organizational changes and changes in the workforce, it is regularly necessary for employees to receive explanations and support. Not taking advantage of this help leads to inefficient use of the solutions. With periodic support, we ensure that employees get the maximum benefit from the solutions. This already starts during the implementation of our solution(s), where employees are trained on how to use the solution.

In the first period after going live, the consultants of Dekkers IT are present with you to guide the end users in the (adjusted) daily processes Our customers are very satisfied with the achieved process optimization after implementation, but like to use the extra practical support. If you make use of this support, the consultant will visit you periodically to monitor the use of the software at process/departmental level or to act as a source of questions. During his visit, he provides end users with the latest 'tips & tricks', which contribute to achieving your objectives. It also guarantees you the optimal use of the solutions.

If you are interested in this, we agree on the frequency with which the consultant will visit you.

Periodic update service

The installation of enhancement packs, service packs, hotfixes and updates requires engineering and setup expertise. A periodic service can be to take care of these installations for you. Our experts know exactly how to install the software. They recognize any common problems and solve them immediately.

Met Update Service houdt u uw software actueel tot en met de meest actuele product release. Wij stellen jaarlijks met u een installatie kalender op. Zo sluit deze service volledig aan bij uw test- en acceptatie cyclus. Daarnaast wordt iedere installatie vooraf nogmaals met u afgestemd. Zo is voor een vast bedrag per jaar uw software altijd up-to-date. Bovendien hoeft u niet te investeren in kennis van uw medewerkers op dit gebied en heeft u beter inzicht in de kosten.