Maximize your bottom line through software adoption

After you have chosen our ManageEngine, Matrix42 or ConnectWise solutions, it is time to get to work decisively. After all, you want to get the maximum return on your investment. From our experience, we know that two crucial areas of focus determine successful implementation: training and specialist knowledge.

At Dekkers IT Solutions & Consultancy, we attach great importance to promoting your success, which is why we offer two separate training courses, each with its own specific objective in mind.

Training services

Ensure your team becomes fully familiar with our ManageEngine, Matrix42 our ConnectWise software solutions by opting for our high-quality training courses, delivered by certified instructors. We understand that well-trained and motivated IT staff are key to effective service delivery.

Our professional training courses are specially designed for your IT staff, with the aim of promoting internal adoption of our ManageEngine, Matrix42 our ConnectWise solutions. Moreover, we offer the flexibility to tailor the training to your specific needs.

By choosing our training courses, you ensure yourself a smoother implementation and a higher degree of success in working with our ManageEngine, Matrix42 our ConnnectWise software. Invest in your employees and make use of our expertise to get the best out of your solutions. Get in touch today and find out how our training courses can take your team to the next level.

Knowledge powersessie

Do your employees struggle with changes? Are you looking for more information on scripting or would you like to work with our ManageEngine, Matrix42, our ConnectWise experts to discuss and implement changes in your environment?

Our ManageEngine, Matrix42 our ConnectWise consultants are ready for you in an online session of up to two hours, where we are happy to share our knowledge and best practices with you. You have complete freedom to decide what the session is about.

Find out how our professional guidance can help you overcome obstacles and take your organisation to new heights. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take advantage of this valuable opportunity.