Endpoint Resilience Day - 2023

Anchoring your IT fleet using endpoint security

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The way we live, work, and collaborate has fundamentally changed over the past 24 months due to digital transformation. While its effects continue to impact everything we do, hybrid work is a major result of the global changes in IT. Hybrid work and the digital workforce serve as trailblazers for the modern economy. But the transition has been far from smooth. Cyberattacks continue to halt business operations and disrupt customer trust.

Current state of cyberattacks

46% of cyber breaches affect businesses that have fewer than 1.009 employees.

By 2028 the Netherland cybersecurity market is anticipated tot grow with a CAGR of 14.1% 

26% of attacks in Europe is constituted by the primary attack type, ransomware, followed by sever acces attacks(12%) and data theft (10%) as the next most prevalent attack types

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Romanus Prabhu

Director of product support

As the Director of product support, he is responsible for ensuring that ManageEngine's UEM (Unified Endpoint Management & Security) customers across the globe are happy. He oversees the seamless onboarding, product training and implementation, and support experience for all customers. He also heads the product evangelists, professional services, partner certification, and customer success teams to nurture long-term relationships with each client, and in turn nurtures community champions for ManageEngine. He is passionate about customer and employee success, solving complex challenges with teamwork and innovative thinking. He is recognized as a corporate IT leader for his entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, and thought leadership. He has a strong passion for endpoint security and championing security solutions as a security evangelist. His role also demands evaluating technologies, and applying industry leading trends and tools to achieve delivery, quality, and business objectives that drive the business forward.

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Santhosh Narasimhamoorthy

Senior Technical Evangelist

Santhosh is a Senior Technical Evangelist for unified endpoint management solutions at ManageEngine. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the broadly defined categories of endpoint security, technical support, and product implementation and training. His speciality is guiding customers to make the best choices while selecting and implementing endpoint management and security solutions for enterprise environments.

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8 juni 2023
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